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The Advantages Of Bockmann

Bockmann have been building horse trailers and in Germany since 1956. Since that time Bockmann has been the clear market leader in Europe with innovations and patents that are the envy of competitors. Every new development is thoroughly tested and must be absolutely perfect before it enters series production. Each model comes packed with standard features that most other companies charge extra. Every Bockmann horse trailer comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

Class Leading Suspension

The unique 4-wheel independent sprung suspension WCF® with an additional shock absorber per wheel and the CFF® suspension with one shock absorber per wheel take every bump out of the Uk"s roads so that you as well as your horse will travel smoothly and relaxed. This suspension is automotive standard and allows each wheel on the same axle to move vertically independently of the others (i.e. reacting to bumps in the road) resulting in greater ride comfort, better traction, and safer, more stable vehicles on and off the road

Chassis & Floor

Original Bockmann quality is in every detail - using only the highest quality materials and solid workmanship, Bockmann trailers are built to last. The hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis is designed for heavy loads  it is extra strong with axles that are connected in 8-points to the longitudinal beam construction. The STANDARD robust and rot-proof premium aluminum floor is reinforced with a closed profile in the stall area. An anti-slip rubber matting is glued and sealed to the aluminum floor beneath so urine and water can't attack the floor.


Safety Stall Bar System

The safety revolution: the safety stall bar system (MSS). The safety stall bars can be released from the outside (downwards at the front and both downwards and upwards at the rear) in case a horse gets a leg stuck over a bar or falls down. You can easily free your horse even without having to enter the inside. Also the stall bar space can be individually adjusted as the height of the front bars and height and length of the rear bars can be changed.

Braking System

In All Bockmann horse trailers come with a mechanical braking system providing a smooth, safe slow to stop for both driver and horse. Mechanical braking systems are speed and load sensitive and provide the right amount of braking regardless of the load. Mechanical brake systems are designed to apply the brakes on the horse trailer even before the tow vehicle begins to brake, such that the float never pushes on the tow vehicle. The float brakes are applied in direct proportion to the weight of the trailer at the time and at the rate of deceleration.


Built-in Tack Room

 Are you think of having your smelly horse gear in the car? Almost every Bockmann horse trailer has a well ventilated built-in tack room as a STANDARD feature.  Every tack room is  lockable and comes with a handy shovel and brush, interior lighting, extandable and swiveable saddle racks (English standard, Western possible), bridle hooks, storage shelf, mirror and sealed rubber flooring with drainage holes. 

Self Balance

In accordance with European road regulations, Boeckmann engineers design 'self-balancing' horse floats bearing their weight over the wheels and leaning a maximum of 4% of the GVM onto the tow vehicle. The tow vehicle guides the float along the road rather than piggy-backing it

self level hitch.JPG


 The aerodynamic roof line of Bockmann horse floats eliminates not only the vacuum and sway created when towing conventional horse floats but also considerably lowers the noise level inside. Your car will run more fuel-efficient and your horses will be travelling more comfortably and relaxed


Boeckmann warranty

From superior engineering and construction, using high quality materials and components, Boeckmann horse floats and trailers are built to last. Made in Germany all products are outstandingly finished and covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty on all materials and workmanship.


Always Customer first

We make it easy to do business with Riverside Trailers & Horseboxes and strive to exceed customer expectations so we are the partner of choice

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