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Horsebox Range's







 Handmade in Germany, you can rely on quality workmanship from top to bottom. Each individual horse box is manufactured just for you – with a consistently high level of quality down to the smallest detail. A product needs to be good enough to meet our own requirements and those of our horses before it enters serial production. With our many years of experience in equestrian sport we have the same aims as all riders - the well-being of horses.
Böckmann offer three ranges of horse truck:  Compact | Performance | Equipe 

Bockmann is the #1 choice for top professionals world wide

The World's No. 1 dressage rider Isabell Werth took delivery of her brand new Bockmann Performance model horse van and Bockmann Mega Portax Trailer last week. What a cool combo and a very excited looking Olympic & World Dressage Champion! But who else is choosing Bockmann as their means of transport for their precious cargo?







At Riverside Horseboxes and Trailers Ltd we currently do not have as stock any Horse Boxes but in the case of any enquiries will be happy to help working with Bockmann Germany to supply you with your dream Horse Box 

Below are the basic details of each Range of Horse Boxes, and a link to the product configurator.

The choices are vast and sometimes overwhelming (as we found when we purchased our first Bockmann Trailer, for our own horses) so please feel free to drop us an email or phone us if you need any assistance.

Please note viewing is strictly by appointment (TF10)

Best Wishes

Paul & Wendy

"Compact Transporter"

Horsebox  Range


Practical transporter for two horses:  feels like a car 


Built to move: The new Compact family pass on the driving experience and comfort from a car in a spatial miracle. The new design, the interior layout and the functional equipment gives pleasure to horse and rider every day. The three basic models Basic, Stall and Sport could be combined with the Team and Tour equipment and additionally you can add the profi-equipment for the Compact Basic and Stall meaning that you can design your horse truck exactly to your requirements.

The Compact Range has three models:  Compact | Compact L | Compact L Plus

Click on the Horsebox icon for further detail, this will take you to the Bockmann Web Pages for this Horse Box


"Performance Transporter"

Horsebox  Range



The new Performance: All these benefits fit into a lightweight class truck (7.2 Tonne)

More space, more safety, more possibilities: The new Performance offers more comfort for horse and rider. It is significantly larger than a Compact (total weight 3.5 t - 4.5 t) yet significantly easier to drive than an Equipe (total weight 7.5 t - 26 t). A driving license for light-weight trucks (total weight max. 7.49 t) is sufficient. The flexible interior, large living quarters, timeless design and many clever details for improved loading and equipment storing make the Performance even more enjoyable. Exercise, training or riding event - Böckmann guarantees a perfect Performance.

Performance can be designed to meet your specific requirements. 

Click on the Horsebox icon for further detail, this will take you to the Bockmann Web Pages for this Horse Box


"Equipe Transporter"

Horsebox  Range

The Equipe family:  for everyone with vision 

Each Equipe is handmade to your individual specifications entirely in Germany. Each detail is created with the greatest care from the practical horse compartment through to the luxury living quarters. Depending on the number and transport position of the horses and the size of your living quarters, you can choose between four basic Equipe models:  Equipe L | Big Equipe L | Equipe S | Big Equipe S

Click on the Horsebox icon for further detail, this will take you to the Bockmann Web Pages for this Horse Box


Always Customer first

We make it easy to do business with Riverside Trailers & Horseboxes and strive to exceed customer expectations so we are the partner of choice

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