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Family Tradition Since 1956

"You have to put your heart into the business to be successful in the long term."

This is the philosophy that Anton and Brigitte Böckmann taught their four sons at an early age.

Anton Böckmann was the village blacksmith in Lastrup in Lower Saxony where he lived and maintained the good, old tradition of the trade – as well as devoting himself to his family. His four sons Tönne, Klaus, Gilbert and Roger have fond memories of their time together, especially Sundays, which were always family time. The family always had the same Sunday ritual; after eating breakfast together, everyone went to church and afterwards Anton Böckmann let his children ride on the family's own ponies. Sunday was quadrille day! This was how Anton made what had been denied him in his own youth possible for his sons –  riding as a favourite hobby!

Riding around the tranquil village of Lastrup together was how it all began. The father filled his children with enthusiasm for horses and riding – and went on to do everything in his power to support his children's hobby. With time this hobby meant that challenges had to be faced in the riders’ everyday life, and as the children grew older, the ponies had to be transported to riding events. This prompted Anton Böckmann to design his first pony trailer. The foundations for Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH were laid.

When his sons grew out of their small ponies, Anton Böckmann decided to build his first horse trailer. Just a short while later the first trailers were sold. Serial production already started back in the 60s. You could say that Anton Böckmann not only made a virtue of necessity, but also made a career out of virtue! The third generation is also successful in the sporting world and already has a firm grip on the reins.

Klaus Böckmann still manages Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke today and is the innovation driver in the development of new trailers. The third generation is also passionate about equestrian sports and the trailer business. Stella and Justus Böckmann have joined management to continue the company's success in the future

Always in line with the motto "Practical experience for practical applications

Only products that are also good enough for its own horses meet the company’s demands. This guiding principle is still followed today and shapes the way Böckmann works. The focus is always on the well-being of the horses. Our close proximity to the Böckmann stud farm and therefore also to the daily challenges of our target group are the driving force behind the further development of our vehicles. Our products have to meet high demands: Innovative, safe, reliable and top-quality workmanship.

The same principle also applies to our horse trucks. Quality and safety are the main factors in the development of our transport concepts. The goal is to drive equestrian sport forwards

The 1950's


Foundation of the company in Lastrup. The company’s main business at the beginning was shoeing horses and repairing agricultural machinery.


In addition to horse trailers, Böckmann also manufactures individual vehicles such as a rubber-tyred trailer for an agricultural business.

1st trailer.JPG

The 1960's


Combined livestock trailer developed


A canopy cover is added to the horse trailer


Production of first low bed commercial trailer


Special purpose trailers such as trailers to be used by bakeries (the forerunner of todays box and refrigerated trailers).


Production of the car transport trailer

The 1970's


The company moves to the Lastrup industrial estate. Here production conditions are improved so that series production can commence.


At the first Equitana trade fair Böckmann presents a newly-developed horse trailer made of aluminium.


New standards are set in the field of livestock transport. The innovation is a double-decker piglet transporter. Loading and unloading of the animals is possible with the rear flap or a side ramp.


Until 1979 Böckmann also produces pony carriages in small series. In total there are eight different models ranging from the Sulky through to the Turnier and the Elke model.


The 1980's


The first horse box is introduced



Böckmann develops horse-flight containers, which are used for the first time at the Olympic Games in Seoul. In 1996 the container fleet for Atlanta is increased.

livestock trailer developed


The 1990's


In order to improve safety when transporting horses, Böckmann develops a panic system at the beginning of the 1990s. This innovation – the Böckmann panic system – has become the standard in horse trailer construction


A new truck (horse transporter) in a new design is built for the Böckmann stud farm. The main innovation is the large trailer. Until then this was not yet available on the market for the horse truck sector.


The low-bed series is extended by a new tandem model with polyester roof. Due to its construction it is ideally suited for the transport of balloons which is why it is referred to as the balloon trailer. This model variant is also produced in series as a single-axle vehicle


The 2000's


Introduction of the lowered Comfort suspension chassis (CFFplus) for more travelling and suspension comfort.


The Portax family of trailers is launched


The Böckmann horse trailers are given a new, innovative design with aerodynamic styling and as a result influence the whole horse trailer market.

The unique design and aerodynamic lines introduced in 2009 make the new Böckmann horse trailer a real eyecatcher. The enthusiasm for both horse and rider is greater than ever. Böckmann has once more succeeded in 


The 2010's


The safety revolution in trailer construction, the Multi Safe System (MSS), is developed. The Böckmann safety stall bar system with adjustable height and length sets standards on the market. The unique panic system (front and rear) is still an absolute bonus on every Böckmann horse trailer


The Portax range is extended by the new models Big Portax and Mega Portax.


The range is revised and equipped with standard comfort features.


The Portax-L is launched on the market. It offers more space for horse and rider and is awarded the innovation prize of the Pferd & Jagd trade fair


The 2020's


Neo is the latest innovation: The new "Neo" horse trailer family is available with tack room or optional saddle compartment. It sets new standards in the polyester trailer class with its unique space for horse and rider, its completely customisable design and a unique lighting concept


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