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Competitions & Giveaways

"Great chances to win some fantastic prizes"

Our competitions will a mix of free to enter  "giveaway competitions" and "raffles" which will need payment to enter!

We wish you the best of luck in these.

Each paid to enter competition will clearly show which charity has been selected to benefit.

The paid competitions will be run via a company named "Raffall" web page is we use them to ensure fairness and regulatory compliance!


Best Wishes and Good Luck

Paul & Wendy

& The team at

Riverside Trailers & Horseboxes Ltd

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Entries open 7th Nov 2021

About The fabulous Champion Esprit

For 2 horses, aluminium structure.

The Champion Esprit is part of the Champion Range from Bockmann. 

There are nine models in the Champion range: Champion C | Champion Western C | Champion C Pony | Champion C Isy | Champion R | Champion Western R | Big Champion R | Big Champion R Western | Champion Esprit silver & black.

  The Champion Esprit:

Has an anodised aluminium superstructure is very robust and durable. The  highlights such as the Multi Safe System (MSS) safety stall bar system, the solid quality full aluminum floor or the (optional) tack locker in the front with a lockable access door to the outside meet the highest demands of horse and rider. However, all this efficiency does not affect the style - the unique design is appealing from top to bottom and leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.
Click on the trailer PICTURE for further details of the Champion Range of trailers (this will take you to the main Bockmann web site)



The competition is being run by Raffall (the online competition experts) on our behalf this ensures total fairness and regulatory compliance.


There are 1500 tickets available at a cost of 8.00 Pounds  The draw will take place once 1500 tickets have been sold.

Upon entry you will be asked to answer a simple question  

Question: What color is the bulls eye on a dart board 

Answer: red

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About HorseWorld

HorseWorld is a charity dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, neglected and mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys.

The organisation cares for more than 100 horses, ponies and donkeys at its Bristol site and provides after-care and support for around 200 more, who have been re-homed throughout the South-West.

The charity also runs the innovative Discovery educational programme. HorseWorld's vital 365-days-a-year animal welfare work is funded by voluntary donations.

You can help transform the lives of horses, ponies and donkeys. HorseWorld is not open to the public on a day-to-day basis but it holds Open Days throughout the year. Please see the events page for details.

HorseWorld's Registered Charity number is 1121920


The charity began life in 1952 as "The Friends of Bristol Horses Society" in a campaign to save the lives of working horses who were rapidly being replaced by motorised vehicles in industry.

Under the banner of “Retirement Not Slaughter” - for many were destined for the abattoir - the charity offered a safe haven in Bristol for the big-hearted horses, ponies and donkeys that had worked all their lives on the railways, in the dockyards, the coal mines, the roads and for the armed forces.

Decades later working horses are largely a memory of the past.

But there is still a very real demand for this work - to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home up to 100 abandoned, neglected and mistreated horses every year.

Buddy's Story

Buddy was rescued after being found hours away from death in a field. It was thought that he had been abandoned by his owner after Buddy had gotten sick.

On arrival at HorseWorld Buddy needed 2 blood transfusions and around the clock care from our grooms just to survive. But Buddy was a fighter and he made an unbelievable recovery. He was soon strong enough to go and live in a field and play with other youngsters.

Buddy recovered so well that he was trained up as a ridden pony by our training and he now works on our Discovery team, teaching children from troubled backgrounds how to care for horses. Buddy has lots of love to give and he teaches the children that no matter how difficult a start you may have had, you can always have a bright future.

horse rescue

Please help this fantastic charity continue to help our equine friends!
Click on the below logo to visit their web page!


Always Customer first

We make it easy to do business with Riverside Trailers & Horseboxes and strive to exceed customer expectations so we are the partner of choice

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